Amedeo Rossetto  

Amedeo Rossetto was born on the island of Murano December 12th 1951 into a family of glass blowers. His father was a “Maestro” bead maker. All his uncles were glass Masters, too. Amedeo learned precious secrets of the glass blowing art from each one of them.                            
He studied at the “CARMINI” arts institute in Venice and experienced  living and  working on Murano  Island. The artistic atmosphere there stimulates, challenges and supports all those endowed with passion, perseverance, ability and love for glass.                             
In 1964 he had the opportunity to enter the Barovier & Toso furnace, where he served his own apprenticeship under Master Italo Pusteta.                             
In 1970 he joined the Gino Cenedese glass factory as a “helper” of Master  Renato  Busato. Later  in  1975  he qualified as a full-fledged  “MAESTRO”.
He soon specialized in several techniques like the “filigrana” and “zanfirico” following the 700 Venetian style, which represents Venice and its ten century old tradition.
Since 1990, he has worked exclusively in our glass factory and specialized in producing “murrina” items.
The “murrina” technique starts from overlaying concentric patterns of different colored glass to build a massive lump which will be stretched into a long rod and finally sliced to bead-like segments. These need to be selected, arranged and melted all together to form a
stained glass mosaic.                            
Amedeo finally rolls up this motley sheet of glass and blows it into the shape of a bowl or vase. The artistic heritage revived by master Amedeo makes him one of the most inspired creators of contemporary blown glass.                             
Acquiring one of his masterpieces is a privilege reserved to real connoisseurs and to pure art lovers.

Francesco Ragazzi

Francesco Ragazzi was born on  Murano island (Venice)  June 6th, 1965.  At the age of 16 he began working as an apprentice in the renowned Artistic glass factory “FERRO & LAZZARINI”.
He learned the closely guarded secrets of many glass masters working on the island and  he had the opportunity to work with famous Masters such as: A. Strulli,   B. Serena,   G. Salmistrari, Giuliano Tosi, Oscar Zanetti, R.Bardella and GianCarlo Signoretto.
Like all glass masters of Murano, Francesco Ragazzi began as an assistant and thanks to his extraodinary ability and perseverance he  became a glass master in 1997.
The colour combinations are sometimes bold unique and contemporary .Each of his artworks is an incredible example of technical ability: incalmo, complex filigree, murrina and rods compositions, often textured with different and deep etchings.
Francesco Ragazzi is considered to be one of the emerging young glass masters on Murano Island, where he  leads his “ piazza  “ (team) in our own furnace “ Eugenio Ferro & C. 1929”.

Marino Santi

Marino Santi was born on the Island of Murano On November 7th 1967, in a traditional and famous familyof glass masters.

Like all the Murano glass masters he began working when he was a young boy as an apprentice.

He learnt the closely guarded secrets of many glass masters and all the various and different techniques of the art af glass blowing.

After a short period, due to his extraordinary ability and creativity he became an assistant to the important glass masters and had the opportunity to help such famous glass masters as Alberto Mattiello "Geremia", Sergio Tiozzo and Orfeo Compagno.

Due to his experience, ambition and a keen interest in the ancient techniques, especìally of the art of blowing, Marino Santi received quite young the title of Glass Master in the year 1996

He has specialized particularly in the art of blowing creating replieas of ancient works preserved in some historical Museum. Each of his artworks is an incredible example of technical ability.

Marino Santi is considered to be one of the emerging young masters on the Island of Murano, where he leads his " piazza" (team ) in our own furnaceu Eugenio Ferro & c, 1929".